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Wellcome to Rajiv Malhotra's Lecture Series,

  1. Where is India in the encounter of civilization? A talk by Rajiv Malhotra February 2, 2009 Indian Habitat Center, Delhi

  2. How Hindu Identity is consistent with Vedanta," by Rajiv Malhotra

  3. Hindu Identity. Talk by Rajiv Malhotra at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, on its 22nd Anniversary, September 18, 2008. Saylorsburg, Pa

  4. "Invading the Sacred' Book Launch in Mumbai July 1st and Delhi July 2nd 2007

  5. Where is India in the Eagle's Eye? American National Interests and their Implications to India. Lecture by Rajiv Malhotra, with Introduction by Kapila Vatsyayan. Held at India International Center, Delhi. December 14, 2005.

  6. Tsunami -The Untold Story -Tsunami: The Untold Story. Field Visit by Rajiv Malhotra and Shruti of Infinity Foundation, March, 2005

  7. American Theory-Making on India: Saving India from Indians. Held at India International Center, Delhi. December 15, 2005

  8. U-Turn Theory: How the West Appropriates Indian Culture. Lecture by Rajiv Malhotra.
    Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi. August 26, 2006..

  9. HINDU IDENTITY: WHY, WHAT, HOW? Audio of Keynote Address delivered at Chinmaya Mission Annual Banquet, Washington, DC, November 7, 2009. by Rajiv Malhotra

  10. Globalization and World Peace panel at Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey, delivered November 2008.





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